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STM Driven is proud to work with Music Celebrations International, which recently contributed to the production of a moving documentary called AVoice4Peace.

Music Celebrations International collaborated with the U.S. Embassy, Nairobi, and the American Choral Director’s Association to create this inspiring film.

In the documentary, three musicians travel to Kenya in search of music and peace. Where they find one, they find the other. You can watch the documentary below or learn more about the AVoice4Peace project on their website.

AVOICE4PEACE | Complete Film from Bud Simpson on Vimeo.

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10 Best Group Travel Destinations in the USA Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:00:25 +0000 The post 10 Best Group Travel Destinations in the USA appeared first on STM Driven.


Nothing multiplies the fun and excitement quite like group travel to a destination location filled with fun and interesting things to see and experience. Whether you choose to travel with a corporate or executive group, a sports team, school group, or a group of friends, STM Driven is your premium choice for charter bus services across the United States. 

The United States is a veritable mixing bowl of different cultures and experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. Whether your group is up for virtual reality, local wines, horseback riding, spa treatments, rock climbing, jazz clubs, live music, zip lining, or exploring nature on a mountain bike, virtually anything can be found in the US. 

STM Driven has vast experience with transporting all kinds of groups to the best destinations across the US in comfort and safety. We complete over 2300 charter bus trips every year, regularly moving over 132,000 travelers to fun and exciting locations. Here are our ten best group travel destinations in the USA.

Las Vegas, Nevada  

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas! But that doesn’t include the fantastic memories your group will share. Take your pick of numerous dance and show clubs as well as too many games of chance to count.

Park City, Utah

Nature lovers in your group will enjoy skiing or snowboarding, as well as breathtaking views in every direction in Park City, Utah. Enjoy the slopes, and then a massage or your choice of spa treatments. Relax and enjoy dinner in many gourmet restaurants with local wines.

Sedona, Arizona 

Your group’s nature lovers will enjoy the towering red rock formations, ancient cliff dwellings, and vortexes, among numerous postcard-worthy landmarks. Hike or ride a mountain bike to access beautiful landmarks up close. Sedona also boasts several award-winning spas and wellness centers, where your group can enjoy spa treatments, yoga, or an area healing ritual.

Outer Banks, North Carolina 

North Carolina’s Outer Banks region features 200 miles of barrier islands. Nature lovers can snorkel or scuba dive and explore the reefs, as well as about 3,000 shipwrecks just offshore. Plenty of beaches offer sun and fun, and too many seafood restaurants to count offer local specialties like Calabash-style fried delicacies, Hatteras-style clam chowder, and raw oysters.

Seattle, Washington 

The Emerald City shines as one of our top group travel destinations with plenty of wine tastings, live music, and unique places to explore, such as the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, or Pike Place Market. The ferry allows access to the islands in Puget Sound where you can enjoy the waters and explore sea life. 

Orlando, Florida 

Your group of friends might be into theme parks, and Orlando is the place to experience the wonder of Disney World and the many other parks located nearby. Plus, local resorts offer plenty of relaxing or exciting amenities sure to make this a favorite destination for group travel

New York City, NY 

The Big Apple boasts so many things to do that it puts most other group travel destinations to shame! Spend the day exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, enjoying a Broadway show, or sampling the city’s famous New York-style pizza. Don’t forget to shop along Times Square and relax in Central Park. 

Washington, DC 

The nation’s capital is more than memorials, monuments, and historic buildings. The Smithsonian is a must for any group, and history buffs will enjoy a patriotic tour about our nation’s history. Many local hotspots are known for great food and drinks, as well as exciting nightlife with live music.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Few American cities are home to cultures as unique as what your group will find in the Big Easy. Influences from the Caribbean, Europe, and other locales produce a plethora of great food, culture, and entertainment. Music lovers flock to New Orleans for jazz clubs, blues clubs, and the rock ‘n’ roll live music scene.  

Select a National Park or State Park 

Find a new slant on group travel destinations by visiting some of the 58 national parks in the United States, or choose from over 6,600 state parks. Outdoor adventures, local wines and food specialties, and unique pieces of history and culture surround us, and all are just waiting for your group to discover and enjoy.

Choose Your Group Travel Destinations Today! 

Impress your boss, coach, Athletic Director, school principal, or friends by booking STM Driven to handle your group travel. Choose from these or countless other destinations and let us handle getting you there and back in style, comfort, and safety. Get on board and book your corporate, school, athletic, or vacation travel today!

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The Road to an Adventure-Driven Summer Camp Experience Mon, 09 Mar 2020 12:00:26 +0000 The post The Road to an Adventure-Driven Summer Camp Experience appeared first on STM Driven.


Summer sun means student camps all over the United States. For most students, the ride to camp sets the mood for the entire experience. Set your students up for success with a safe and luxurious ride to your summer camp venue. Start your summer camp transportation and logistical planning today by contacting STM Driven. 

We’re old hands in the camp business, transporting an average of over 970 students per day just in 2019, and over 2,000 on peak days. Our representatives can work with you to create a custom experience for your needs. Here’s a feel for what it’s like to spend your summer camps with us.


Comfortable seating arrangements are a must! STM Driven’s charter coaches provide the ultimate in relaxation. Students can enjoy a smooth ride, onboard WiFi, restrooms, and group camaraderie before arriving at camp rested and ready for action.  

Nothing bonds a collection of students together like group travel. Your students will enjoy the luxurious accommodations and amenities as they journey to your camp venue. And don’t worry, we can provide all the space needed for baggage and equipment storage. 


STM Driven corporate charter bus services ensure you are boarding and riding a safe and reliable vehicle that meets USDOT and FMCSA standards. We only partner with carriers that place a high priority on safety, with experienced, professional drivers who care about the service they provide to our clients. 

We are also concerned about maintaining your privacy. Charter bus services already enjoy an extra layer of security because there’s no waiting in security inspection lines at the airport. STM Driven takes this even further. We protect your privacy by never advertising our clients’ names or pictures on vehicles or any advertising material. 


STM Driven representatives are here for you beginning from day one. We walk you through the planning process, providing help with selecting equipment, scheduling camp transportation needs, planning for other logistical requirements. But our service does not end there. We are available 24/7 to provide you with driver’s information and update you immediately with any changes. 

No matter where you’re traveling, and what your needs are for the entire camp, you’ll always have access to answers and updates. And we have plenty of experience with handling unexpected schedule changes and other last-minute issues that occur with summer camp. We are available to solve problems for you anytime, even at 3 am.


Charter buses are typically the most cost-efficient option for group transportation. And when you figure the needs for running a summer camp with hundreds of students, there is no better way to handle logistics than with charter coaches. Plus, STM Driven offers competitive pricing to save you money, including no hidden fees. We believe we have the best deals available for summer camp logistics and transportation. Call us and see! 

Summer camps are times for making great memories. STM Charters can help make those memories positive and lasting, not only for your students, but for camp directors and planners, too. Contact us today to begin your summer camp planning.

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How Do College Sports Teams Travel? Mon, 02 Mar 2020 12:00:52 +0000 The post How Do College Sports Teams Travel? appeared first on STM Driven.


An exciting part of the college game day experience is seeing your favorite athletes. Many fans arrive at the game extra early just to watch the team arrive and enter the arena or stadium. While you likely drove a car or booked a commercial flight to attend your favorite game, how do college sports teams travel

Depending on the size of the school and the distance to the game, your favorite team likely arrived by charter bus. At STM Driven, we complete over 2300 charter bus trips a year, many of them transporting your favorite football and basketball teams to away games in other states.

How Do College Sports Teams Travel in Comfort? 

Your team needs a worry-free ride, ensuring that they arrive rested and ready for the game. Athletes, the Athletic Director, football coaches, basketball coaches, and staff travel better when they’re all together. A professional charter bus rental with skilled drivers provides the ultimate in riding experience from pick-up to destination and back again for your entire college sports program. 

Regardless of whether the game is across town or across state lines, charter bus services from STM Driven offer flexible pick-up and drop-off options to make college sports trips as convenient as possible. 

Plus, modern charter buses feature comfortable reclining seats with plenty of arm and leg room so even the most oversized college football athlete can relax and enjoy the ride. Take along all your personal and team equipment in the bus’ storage compartment, while passengers enjoy electric outlets and WiFi. And of course, clean restrooms are a must for any long trip. 

How Do College Sports Teams Travel Safely? 

Booking a charter bus rental through STM Driven ensures your team travels in safety. We prioritize safety and anonymity, delivering your team to their destination without stress or showmanship. All our drivers are experienced CDL-licensed professionals. We also ensure that every vehicle is compliant with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and FMCSA regulations to guarantee your safety and peace of mind. 

STM Driven support representatives are available to you day and night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can be confident knowing that you have expert drivers and a team of helpful travel representatives in your corner to facilitate every aspect of your team and staff travel. 

Every time you step onto one of our chartered buses, STM Driven is committed to your safety and personal security. We ensure that you will only receive options from compliant carriers with proven track records of safety and reliability. Moreover, we also respect and protect your privacy. We never advertise clients’ names in marketing materials or on vehicles. You are always the priority when you ride with STM Driven. 

How Can I Book Team Travel for My Team’s Season? 

Booking your sports team’s travel with STM Driven is typically the most cost-effective option per person. On average, larger groups of 30 or more can save up to 50% of their travel budgets when they charter a bus instead of taking a commercial flight. For example, a group of 40 passengers can travel from Chicago to New York City by chartered bus (about $175 per person), just over half the cost of flying economy commercial (about $300 per person). 

Once a Quote Request is submitted, one of the STM Driven consultants will reply within hours of your submission (assuming it’s a business day) to explain multiple options that will match your itinerary. To book your team travel by chartered bus, all you have to do is notify the consultant and they will confirm availability and issue a contract for your signature. 

How do college sports teams travel when comfort, safety, and savings are important concerns? Those who handle school business well contact STM Driven for their travel. You can also look into chartered flights through STM Charters or complete travel planning assistance with Short’s Travel Management

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5 Benefits Of Ground Transportation Mon, 17 Feb 2020 12:00:04 +0000 The post 5 Benefits Of Ground Transportation appeared first on STM Driven.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling as a group is how to get everyone from point A to point B.

While it may be more fun to think about the destination, planning transportation is a non-negotiable that needs to happen, whether you’re traveling with employees to a corporate event or business meeting, a sports team to an away game, or a group of friends and family that wants to road trip without the stress.

Traveling via charter bus or van has a lot of benefits. Today, we’re taking a look at 5 of the benefits of ground transportation.

Benefits Of Ground Transportation


It’s Cost-Effective

It’s no secret: one of the big benefits of ground transportation is that it is more affordable than other options. With a smaller crew than other forms of group transportation, better operational efficiency, and lower fuel costs, ground travel is a no brainer for groups that need to stay within budget. 

It’s the Environmentally-Friendly Approach

As mentioned above, charter buses are budget-friendly because they have lower fuel costs. This also makes them one of the most eco-friendly methods of group transportation. Because shuttle buses or car services use less fuel per person than air transportation, traveling via ground is the greenest way to travel.

Reduced Stress

Traveling is far from stress-free. Traveling as a group? Let’s not even go there.

One of the benefits of hiring a charter bus service is that you remove the stress of keeping your group or team together and dealing with gear storage. All you have to do is sit back, recline your seat, and enjoy your onboard amenities while recouping from the long flight.

Increased Privacy

Because all of your group is together, and not focused on keeping their eyes on the road, ground transportation services create more opportunities for group bonding.

The inside of a charter bus or van is more private and personable than a conference room or the side of a field or a conference room. It also eliminates distractions, allowing groups and teams to plan and review strategy for the big meeting or game.

Travel Safely

Each charter bus, or at least the charter bus carriers that we here at STM Driven partner with, has details on regulations, records, and reports from the US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that buses and drivers have a safe and reliable history. Your group can also travel to and from events, or to and from the airport, with ease. All of our charter bus partners are properly licensed, insured, and regularly maintained with your safety in mind. Charter bus drivers additionally have specialized training in defensive driving and the best on-the-road practices.

The benefits of ground transportation go much further than just budget-friendly. From sedans and shuttle buses to sleeper coaches and everything in between, STM Driven has a solution for your group. Learn more about how ground travel would work with your group.

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Sync Up Your Travel Budget To Your Sporting Events Calendar Mon, 03 Feb 2020 12:00:20 +0000 The post Sync Up Your Travel Budget To Your Sporting Events Calendar appeared first on STM Driven.


Planning transportation that accommodates your entire team can be intimidating for even the most seasoned Director of Operations.

In order to fit travel into your sporting events calendar budget, there are a couple of different things that need to be ironed out like budget and transportation. Let’s break down everything that goes into planning travel for a sports team.


Sync Up Your Travel Budget To Your Sporting Events Calendar

Determine Your Budget

When it comes to planning travel budgets for major sporting events, it is important to determine your budget in advance or else costs could start to spiral out of control for your athletic department.

The biggest components of a travel budget for a collegiate athletic team are transportation, food, and hotel rooms. Another component that is often overlooked is time; Director of Operations and coaches spend hours creating budgets and calculating travel costs to build out sporting event calendars. Not to mention the time that travel itself takes, and factoring in their athletes’ academic schedules as well. With these costs in mind, it is easy to see how quickly a budget can get out of control.

Consider Your Transportation Options

Once you’ve determined your budget and the amount that your department can contribute to your team’s travel, the next step is to look at the transportation options available to you.

While chartering a private plane may not make sense for your team—or for your budget—it could make more sense for a collegiate athletic team that has a game across the country within a day. Deciding between the different forms of transportation is not so black and white: when using air transportation, ground transportation is still very needed to shuttle athletes to the airport, to the hotel, and to the stadium.

Besides being one of the most affordable options once the total cost is divided between the amount of players and distance traveled, charter buses are also one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to travel via ground, as many of them now come equipped with outlets, satellite TV, and even WiFi.

The Logistics of Booking a Charter Bus

With a variety of charter bus options, teams of any size can find a bus that works for them. For smaller teams, sprinter vans and mini buses are a great option. Another popular choice among younger sports teams and parents is to charter a school bus for everything on their sporting events calendar.

While each bus comes with its own luggage allowance, coaches find that charter buses often have ample room for their team’s gear.

STM Driven Prioritizes Safety

Our team understands, and prides ourselves, on knowing the details of regulations, records, and reports of each vehicle and carrier that we partner with to ensure that they put safety first, too.

Our team is made up of experienced travel and operations coordinators that are available no matter the time of day or night, so you can hit the road as soon as you need to. Ready to roll? Submit a quote request today!

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When to Use a Minibus Charter Mon, 20 Jan 2020 12:00:03 +0000 The post When to Use a Minibus Charter appeared first on STM Driven.


Planning travel for a group can be complicated. But with the right charter partner, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking for corporate or collegiate transportation, a charter bus is usually the best, and most cost-efficient choice.

How do you know which type of bus is right for your needs?

Minibusses Vs. Motor Coaches

Two of the most common types of charter bus are minibusses and motor coaches. But when should you choose a minibus over a motor coach? And vice versa?

A little background on the differences between minibusses and motor coaches offer a lot of insight into the best travel solution for your needs. So let’s get into it.

Minibus Charter

The minibus was designed to carry more people than a minivan but fewer people than a full-size bus. Generally used for smaller groups and for shorter trips, minibusses were designed to seat between 14 and 23 passengers.

A minibus is a great way to allow your group to travel comfortably and to ensure that your group will stay together.

Renting a minibus, if your group size allows for one, helps to cut down on costs and stay within your travel budget while still enjoying the amenities that a motor coach has. Minibusses can also feature TV monitors and high back reclining seats.

A minibus charter is a great travel solution for events like:

  • Business conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Community events
  • Rallies
  • Sports games
  • Non-profit trips
  • Travel to, and from, the airport

The size of the minibus vehicle does not usually accommodate for an onboard restroom, but restrooms are generally not needed for short trips.

Motor Coach Charter

On the flip side, a motor coach is larger and has more storage, making them ideal for long-distance group travel. For groups larger than 23 people, or for trips longer than day trips, a motor coach is the way to go. 

Designed for comfort, motor coaches have amenities like WiFi, restrooms, overhead and underfoot storage, power outlets, and more.

When it comes to collegiate ground travel, away and playoff games are usually a multiple-day event for teams (one day to get settled, and another to play the game). And, on top of that, all the extra gear. Because of this, collegiate athletic teams tend to lean toward renting a motor coach.

Booking a Minibus Charter

Regardless of whether you need a minibus charter or another form of ground transportation, STM Driven is here to help. 

STM Driven provides bus charters for groups throughout the United States. Our team consists of seasoned travelers and travel agents. We’re also available 24/7 for any questions or concerns, rain or shine. Reach out to us for pricing, amenities, or any other travel questions.

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Ground Transportation Basics: 20-Passenger Minibus Rentals Mon, 06 Jan 2020 12:00:07 +0000 The post Ground Transportation Basics: 20-Passenger Minibus Rentals appeared first on STM Driven.


Great for small groups that want to road trip without switching off driving or businesses that need to move a smaller number of passengers, the 20-passenger minibus offers plenty of mobility and convenience.

A Closer Look at the 20 Passenger Minibus

A 20-passenger minibus is…pretty much what it sounds like! Designed as a more affordable option for mid-sized groups, these minibusses are actually best for 14 to 23 passengers. They don’t have all the features that a party bus or limo offers, but they’re sleek and help keep your group together when traveling short distances.

Depending on the model selected, our 20-passenger minibusses usually feature cushioned seats, WiFi, AM/FM radios, storage bins, PAs, and more.

The Best Events for 20 Passenger Minibus Rentals

The best part about these minibusses is their flexibility! You can rent these minibusses for a variety of different events or transportation uses:

  • Wedding guest shuttle
  • Sporting events (local or away games)
  • Corporate events (meetings, conferences, dinners, workshops)
  • Bachelorette or bachelor parties
  • Summer camp shuttle
  • Band or choir travel
  • Non-profit travel
  • Collegiate travel (our specialty!)
  • Student trips and travel
  • Airport shuttle

Group Travel Basics

Traveling as a group can get pricey and difficult to manage. As specialists in group travel, we’re going to break down some of the most important factors to consider to make planning group travel a breeze.


One of the most important factors to consider is making sure your travel partner has the support you need. For example, STM Driven offers 24/7 customer service (and each member of our team has an average of 10 years of experience in the travel industry!). Groups need more flexibility—there’s a lot of schedules to accommodate and unexpected events that can arise in a group, as well as travel updates and emergency support. It’s vital to make sure your travel partner is available and experienced.


Another factor to consider is privacy. Some travelers specifically choose to charter because they require more privacy from paparazzi and crowds. With a minibus, you’re traveling with your group, making it easier to get privacy. And more importantly—STM Driven’s top priority is your privacy. We never share our clients’ names or pictures, to keep them safe.


Speaking of safety: you always want to make sure you’re traveling on a safe vehicle. We only receive 20-passenger minibus options from compliant carriers with proven track records. When you book with STM Driven, you can travel assured that your vehicle follows all regulations and has updated records and reports.

Interested in learning more about if a 20-passenger minibus rental is the right fit for your group? Send us a message! We’re available 24/7.

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Corporate Charter Bus Services for Your Next Big Event Mon, 30 Dec 2019 12:00:26 +0000 The post Corporate Charter Bus Services for Your Next Big Event appeared first on STM Driven.


There’s plenty of reasons to consider using a corporate charter bus service for your next business event. Whether you need to get to a meeting, seminar, workshop, or corporate dinner, a charter bus will provide safe and reliable transportation for your company.

Benefits of Using Corporate Charter Bus Services

When traveling to your next big domestic business event, there’s no better mode of transportation than a charter bus. 

Safety & Privacy

When you book a corporate charter bus service, you should feel confident that you’re boarding a safe and reliable vehicle. A safe charter bus, like the carriers that we use, will offer compliant vehicles that have a proven track record of safety.

At STM Driven we pride ourselves on knowing the details of regulations, reports, and records of each carrier vehicle we offer. From the US Department of Transportation to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) and Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFERSYS), we only partner with carriers that place the same importance on safety that we, and you, do.

Not only do we have expert knowledge of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and FMCSA guidelines, but we also focus on another facet of safety: your privacy.

Charter bus services have an extra layer of security because there’s no waiting in security check-in lines at the airport. And STM Driven charter buses go even further. We aim to protect your privacy by never advertising our clients’ names or pictures.


We’re not talking about seat backs—not yet, at least. We’re talking about 24/7 customer care.

No matter where you’re traveling domestically, you’ll always have access to answers and updates. Get where you need to go, faster.

Now let’s move on to those seats…


Comfortable seating arrangements galore! Executive bus options are a great opportunity to sit back and relax—without turbulence. And if you need to get some work done? No worries, there’s WiFi on board! Listen to your office’s pump-up jams, get familiar with the speakers you’ll be listening to, or finish and share outlines with each other.


Whatever your needs are, there’s a charter bus option for you. Charter buses are generally more cost-efficient than other forms of transportation for groups. Depending on the size of your group, the time of your trip, and vehicle needs, you’ll be able to find something that doesn’t break your budget. We offer competitive pricing and a variety of programs for our charter bus services to help our clients save up to 23 percent!

Different Types of Corporate Charter Buses

From motor coaches, private shuttles, mini charters, or chauffeured services, there’s a charter bus for your needs

For individual travelers or for smaller groups, there’s always the option of using the sedan or SUV black car service.

For bigger groups, there’s a variety of options available, including:

  • Sprinter Van (12-15 passengers)
  • Mini Bus (14-23 passengers)
  • Mini Coach (25 passengers)
  • Midsize Coach (30-40 passengers)
  • Full-Size Motorcoach (up to 56 passengers)
  • Entertainer Coach
  • Sleeper Coach
  • School Bus


When it comes to corporate travel, charter bus services are great for groups looking for privacy, safety, and reliability. For more details on specific services or buses, please contact us. Otherwise, see you aboard!

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Can You Charter a Bus for a Week? Fri, 04 Oct 2019 21:15:34 +0000 The post Can You Charter a Bus for a Week? appeared first on STM Driven.


Believe it or not, there are many groups that may need to charter a bus for a week. And if you’re new to booking transportation for your group, it’s a logical question.

The short answer is “Yes,” you can charter a bus for a week, but you will need to consider a few things before you venture out on a longer journey to ensure that it’s your best trip yet!

Groups that Need to charter a bus for a week

Before we dive into cost and vehicle types, we first want to address the types of groups that may want to consider renting a bus for longer durations. If you don’t fall into one of these groups, don’t worry—charter bus consultants can help you find the right vehicle no matter what type of group you’re booking.

Entertainment Tours

When you think of tours, musical groups are probably the first people you think of. Many groups rely on motorcoach carriers to safely move them from city-to-city as they travel for extended periods of time.

Depending on the group’s needs, a charter bus can be outfitted with a variety of amenities from lounge-style seating, to suites and a kitchen. They may also allow for a trailer to haul additional equipment or gear that entertainers need while on tour.

Since entertainment tours typically last for longer periods of time, it’s important to ask the carrier or charter consultant about how the trip duration will affect bus rental cost. Bus rentals are typically charge per day, but your charter consultant can help you procure pricing for longer tours when needed.

Athletic Teams

High school, college and professional sports teams often spend multiple days on the road as they play in other cities and states. This may require them to charter a bus for a week or more, depending on their schedule.

Sports team charter buses often come with amenities like reclining seats and TVs so groups can arrive rested and ready to win. They’re also a great way for teams to travel together to ensure everyone arrives on time and ready to play.

Guided Tours

Are you booking a guided tour for a travel group, association, organization, or school? Then you may need to charter a bus for a week. If you’re booking a guided tour, you’ll want to inquire about the role your driver will play in guiding, or consider hiring a guide as a part of your tour. Your charter bus consultant can help arrange any extra services you need for your group.

Cost to charter a bus for a week

Bus rental costs can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Generally, prices are determined by the number of hours, days, or miles. If your group needs to charter a bus for longer periods of time, like a week or more, it’s a great time to contact a charter bus consultant who can help you negotiate a fair price. They have intimate knowledge about how pricing and other considerations that can help you get the most out of your budget and trip.

For longer rentals, you may be charged by the mile since you’ll likely be traveling a farther distance. Consider how many stops, mileage, size of the vehicle, and amenities you require to determine what questions to have answered.

Amenities for the Road

If your group is taking a long adventure, you’ll probably want to consider amenities that can make your trip more comfortable and restful. A bathroom is a must-have for any long-distance travel, but here are a few other extras that can enhance your time on-the-road.

  • Reclining seats and footrests
  • WiFi Connection and power outlets
  • Seating configurations for specific group needs, including sofas, tables, and chairs
  • TVs and DVD players
  • Extra storage space
  • Kitchen
  • Ample lighting throughout the vehicle

Be sure to ask your motorcoach carrier or consultant about what options are available. Many carriers will have an executive option available on many vehicles to enhance your time onboard.

One more thing you’ll want to consider is shuttle service for passengers. If smaller groups will be breaking off to take side-trips, or you need shuttle service to-and-from a venue, your charter bus consultant can arrange for this as an add-on to your quote.

Whatever your unique needs, STM Driven partners with the industry’s best motor coach carriers and drivers to provide reliable, safe ground transportation options at fair prices. We take the stress out of booking your trip. Contact us today to learn more about your next charter bus!

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