Why should I charter a motorcoach when my group could fly?

Chartering a motorcoach is usually the most cost-effective mode of group transportation per person. On average, larger groups of 30 or more can save up to 50% of their travel budgets when they charter a bus vs. commercial air. For instance – if a group of 40 passengers travel from Chicago to New York City. A round trip economy flight could cost more than $300/person. On the other hand, a charter bus would run in the area of $175/person.

How do I book a charter bus with STM Driven?

Once a Quote Request is submitted, one of the STM Driven consultants will be returning to you with multiple options that will match your itinerary. You can expect a reply within hours of your submission (assuming it’s a business day). To book your motorcoach, all you have to do is notify the consultant and they will confirm availability and issue a contract for your signature.

When should I book a charter bus?

It’s best to start securing pricing and options for your ground transportation as soon as you’ve determined you might be traveling in the near future. Generally speaking, allow yourself 3-6 months in advance of travel in order to secure the most options and rates. If your exact departure dates and locations are not certain, it’s perfectly fine to get an idea of what options and pricing might be available to you. STM Driven is always happy to facilitate your requests, and help with your travel plans.

Can I change my itinerary after the charter is booked?

Yes, as long as your final adjustments adhere to USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) regulations. If you need to adjust dates or locations, let us know as soon as possible – as other groups are being booked around the dates/times your group originally secured.

How do I pay for my ground transportation?

We accept bank transfer and credit card payment.

How much does a chartered motorcoach cost?

Bus companies price their equipment based on hourly or daily rates. Rates vary from company to company and are determined by the overhead of the bus company you choose. We will explain the differences in each company that bids on your service to help you determine which option is best fit for you and your group.

Are children allowed to travel on charter buses?

Yes, just as if you were driving, children are able to travel on the bus. The safety of you and your loved ones should always be your top priority so adult supervision is required when transporting children. Many vendors offer motorcoaches with seatbelts, so please let us know if you plan on traveling with young children and we will help to secure options that include seatbelts.

Are food and drinks allowed on the charter bus?

More often than not, yes. However each bus company has their own policy on allowing food and drinks. Please let us know if you plan on eating on the bus so that we can ensure your motorcoach is packed with extra trash bags and notify you of any excessive cleaning fees.

Do we tip our driver? How do we handle driver’s gratuity?

Driving a motorcoach is a service – and motorcoach companies are in the service industry. Gratuity is always very much appreciated. If your driver has done an exceptional job, we recommend that you reward your driver with a cash tip at the end of your travel. However, we can also have gratuity added to your final invoice. We will then follow up with the driver/company you’ve chosen to ensure that the gratuity has been passed along to your driver for a job well done.

Is my group responsible for the driver’s food and lodging?

Your driver’s per diem is included in the rate of the charter bus. You are NOT responsible for your driver’s meals. You ARE responsible for your driver’s hotel room unless you’ve requested that we include the cost of your driver’s hotel room in the rate. Typically, your group hotel rate is more cost effective than the rate the bus company will charge.

How much luggage can be stored on a charter bus?

Each size coach has a different luggage allowance. We will notify you of the amount of space available for your luggage.

Can I take a wheelchair on a charter bus?

Yes. Wheelchairs that fold can be stored under the coach if the passenger is able to safely walk themselves onboard and offboard the motorocach. Passengers with motorized wheelchairs will require an ADA enabled coach. ADA Coaches have separate doors with lifts that will secure the passenger in their wheelchair and “lift” the chair into the coach. Please let us know if you require this assistance at the time of booking if you require wheelchair assistance so that we can assign options that best suit your needs.

Do charter buses have restrooms?

Yes, most full size (55/56 passenger) coaches have restrooms. In fact, many mid-size coaches (30-40 passenger) also have restrooms. If you are traveling over a distance, we will ensure that your group has a vehicle with a restroom.

Do charter buses have WiFi, Outlets and Satellite TV?

Yes, many charter buses are equipped with these amenities. They are, however, in high demand and oftentimes inflate the cost of your chartered bus transportation. If this is something you wish to have, please notify your consultant so that they can provide you with a number of options.

What if there is a mechanical problem with the charter bus?

If there is a mechanical issue that is not a quick fix, we will source a replacement bus for you and your party to minimize the delay.

What if my group is driving overnight, or a very long distance?

Please refer to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration) guidelines via the link below:

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