Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager at STM Driven, Sam Folladori is responsible for providing clients with exceptional service and peace of mind throughout their travel experience. From answering questions and being accessible 24/7, to troubleshooting and ensuring all travel is Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant, Sam is committed to meeting all client needs.

Following his passion for sports, and knowing Short’s had long-standing relationships within the collegiate sports community, Sam began his journey in the travel industry with Short’s Travel Management in January 2016. He then transitioned to STM Driven in April 2018.

His favorite thing about working for STM Driven is knowing that he helps clients solve problems. Whether it’s finding a vendor in a sold-out area or helping clients organize their itinerary in a beneficial way, Sam is committed to premium customer service.

Sam holds a BA in both Marketing and Management from the University of Northern Iowa, which serves him well in the growth of STM Driven and in managing the day-to-day operations. He loves golf, quiet evenings with his wife and dog on the patio, hiking, and listening to a good podcast. His claim to fame is being able to find a bus in the middle of nowhere, which certainly serves him well at STM Driven.

Sam Folladori STM Driven

Get in touch with Sam:
Email sfolladori@stmdriven.com
Phone 319.433.0620