An exciting part of the college game day experience is seeing your favorite athletes. Many fans arrive at the game extra early just to watch the team arrive and enter the arena or stadium. While you likely drove a car or booked a commercial flight to attend your favorite game, how do college sports teams travel

Depending on the size of the school and the distance to the game, your favorite team likely arrived by charter bus. At STM Driven, we complete over 2300 charter bus trips a year, many of them transporting your favorite football and basketball teams to away games in other states.

How Do College Sports Teams Travel in Comfort? 

Your team needs a worry-free ride, ensuring that they arrive rested and ready for the game. Athletes, the Athletic Director, football coaches, basketball coaches, and staff travel better when they’re all together. A professional charter bus rental with skilled drivers provides the ultimate in riding experience from pick-up to destination and back again for your entire college sports program. 

Regardless of whether the game is across town or across state lines, charter bus services from STM Driven offer flexible pick-up and drop-off options to make college sports trips as convenient as possible. 

Plus, modern charter buses feature comfortable reclining seats with plenty of arm and leg room so even the most oversized college football athlete can relax and enjoy the ride. Take along all your personal and team equipment in the bus’ storage compartment, while passengers enjoy electric outlets and WiFi. And of course, clean restrooms are a must for any long trip. 

How Do College Sports Teams Travel Safely? 

Booking a charter bus rental through STM Driven ensures your team travels in safety. We prioritize safety and anonymity, delivering your team to their destination without stress or showmanship. All our drivers are experienced CDL-licensed professionals. We also ensure that every vehicle is compliant with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and FMCSA regulations to guarantee your safety and peace of mind. 

STM Driven support representatives are available to you day and night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can be confident knowing that you have expert drivers and a team of helpful travel representatives in your corner to facilitate every aspect of your team and staff travel. 

Every time you step onto one of our chartered buses, STM Driven is committed to your safety and personal security. We ensure that you will only receive options from compliant carriers with proven track records of safety and reliability. Moreover, we also respect and protect your privacy. We never advertise clients’ names in marketing materials or on vehicles. You are always the priority when you ride with STM Driven. 

How Can I Book Team Travel for My Team’s Season? 

Booking your sports team’s travel with STM Driven is typically the most cost-effective option per person. On average, larger groups of 30 or more can save up to 50% of their travel budgets when they charter a bus instead of taking a commercial flight. For example, a group of 40 passengers can travel from Chicago to New York City by chartered bus (about $175 per person), just over half the cost of flying economy commercial (about $300 per person). 

Once a Quote Request is submitted, one of the STM Driven consultants will reply within hours of your submission (assuming it’s a business day) to explain multiple options that will match your itinerary. To book your team travel by chartered bus, all you have to do is notify the consultant and they will confirm availability and issue a contract for your signature. 

How do college sports teams travel when comfort, safety, and savings are important concerns? Those who handle school business well contact STM Driven for their travel. You can also look into chartered flights through STM Charters or complete travel planning assistance with Short’s Travel Management

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