One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling as a group is how to get everyone from point A to point B.

While it may be more fun to think about the destination, planning transportation is a non-negotiable that needs to happen, whether you’re traveling with employees to a corporate event or business meeting, a sports team to an away game, or a group of friends and family that wants to road trip without the stress.

Traveling via charter bus or van has a lot of benefits. Today, we’re taking a look at 5 of the benefits of ground transportation.

Benefits Of Ground Transportation


It’s Cost-Effective

It’s no secret: one of the big benefits of ground transportation is that it is more affordable than other options. With a smaller crew than other forms of group transportation, better operational efficiency, and lower fuel costs, ground travel is a no brainer for groups that need to stay within budget. 

It’s the Environmentally-Friendly Approach

As mentioned above, charter buses are budget-friendly because they have lower fuel costs. This also makes them one of the most eco-friendly methods of group transportation. Because shuttle buses or car services use less fuel per person than air transportation, traveling via ground is the greenest way to travel.

Reduced Stress

Traveling is far from stress-free. Traveling as a group? Let’s not even go there.

One of the benefits of hiring a charter bus service is that you remove the stress of keeping your group or team together and dealing with gear storage. All you have to do is sit back, recline your seat, and enjoy your onboard amenities while recouping from the long flight.

Increased Privacy

Because all of your group is together, and not focused on keeping their eyes on the road, ground transportation services create more opportunities for group bonding.

The inside of a charter bus or van is more private and personable than a conference room or the side of a field or a conference room. It also eliminates distractions, allowing groups and teams to plan and review strategy for the big meeting or game.

Travel Safely

Each charter bus, or at least the charter bus carriers that we here at STM Driven partner with, has details on regulations, records, and reports from the US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that buses and drivers have a safe and reliable history. Your group can also travel to and from events, or to and from the airport, with ease. All of our charter bus partners are properly licensed, insured, and regularly maintained with your safety in mind. Charter bus drivers additionally have specialized training in defensive driving and the best on-the-road practices.

The benefits of ground transportation go much further than just budget-friendly. From sedans and shuttle buses to sleeper coaches and everything in between, STM Driven has a solution for your group. Learn more about how ground travel would work with your group.

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