Great for small groups that want to road trip without switching off driving or businesses that need to move a smaller number of passengers, the 20-passenger minibus offers plenty of mobility and convenience.

A Closer Look at the 20 Passenger Minibus

A 20-passenger minibus is…pretty much what it sounds like! Designed as a more affordable option for mid-sized groups, these minibusses are actually best for 14 to 23 passengers. They don’t have all the features that a party bus or limo offers, but they’re sleek and help keep your group together when traveling short distances.

Depending on the model selected, our 20-passenger minibusses usually feature cushioned seats, WiFi, AM/FM radios, storage bins, PAs, and more.

The Best Events for 20 Passenger Minibus Rentals

The best part about these minibusses is their flexibility! You can rent these minibusses for a variety of different events or transportation uses:

  • Wedding guest shuttle
  • Sporting events (local or away games)
  • Corporate events (meetings, conferences, dinners, workshops)
  • Bachelorette or bachelor parties
  • Summer camp shuttle
  • Band or choir travel
  • Non-profit travel
  • Collegiate travel (our specialty!)
  • Student trips and travel
  • Airport shuttle

Group Travel Basics

Traveling as a group can get pricey and difficult to manage. As specialists in group travel, we’re going to break down some of the most important factors to consider to make planning group travel a breeze.


One of the most important factors to consider is making sure your travel partner has the support you need. For example, STM Driven offers 24/7 customer service (and each member of our team has an average of 10 years of experience in the travel industry!). Groups need more flexibility—there’s a lot of schedules to accommodate and unexpected events that can arise in a group, as well as travel updates and emergency support. It’s vital to make sure your travel partner is available and experienced.


Another factor to consider is privacy. Some travelers specifically choose to charter because they require more privacy from paparazzi and crowds. With a minibus, you’re traveling with your group, making it easier to get privacy. And more importantly—STM Driven’s top priority is your privacy. We never share our clients’ names or pictures, to keep them safe.


Speaking of safety: you always want to make sure you’re traveling on a safe vehicle. We only receive 20-passenger minibus options from compliant carriers with proven track records. When you book with STM Driven, you can travel assured that your vehicle follows all regulations and has updated records and reports.

Interested in learning more about if a 20-passenger minibus rental is the right fit for your group? Send us a message! We’re available 24/7.

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