Planning travel for a group can be complicated. But with the right charter partner, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking for corporate or collegiate transportation, a charter bus is usually the best, and most cost-efficient choice.

How do you know which type of bus is right for your needs?

Minibusses Vs. Motor Coaches

Two of the most common types of charter bus are minibusses and motor coaches. But when should you choose a minibus over a motor coach? And vice versa?

A little background on the differences between minibusses and motor coaches offer a lot of insight into the best travel solution for your needs. So let’s get into it.

Minibus Charter

The minibus was designed to carry more people than a minivan but fewer people than a full-size bus. Generally used for smaller groups and for shorter trips, minibusses were designed to seat between 14 and 23 passengers.

A minibus is a great way to allow your group to travel comfortably and to ensure that your group will stay together.

Renting a minibus, if your group size allows for one, helps to cut down on costs and stay within your travel budget while still enjoying the amenities that a motor coach has. Minibusses can also feature TV monitors and high back reclining seats.

A minibus charter is a great travel solution for events like:

  • Business conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Community events
  • Rallies
  • Sports games
  • Non-profit trips
  • Travel to, and from, the airport

The size of the minibus vehicle does not usually accommodate for an onboard restroom, but restrooms are generally not needed for short trips.

Motor Coach Charter

On the flip side, a motor coach is larger and has more storage, making them ideal for long-distance group travel. For groups larger than 23 people, or for trips longer than day trips, a motor coach is the way to go. 

Designed for comfort, motor coaches have amenities like WiFi, restrooms, overhead and underfoot storage, power outlets, and more.

When it comes to collegiate ground travel, away and playoff games are usually a multiple-day event for teams (one day to get settled, and another to play the game). And, on top of that, all the extra gear. Because of this, collegiate athletic teams tend to lean toward renting a motor coach.

Booking a Minibus Charter

Regardless of whether you need a minibus charter or another form of ground transportation, STM Driven is here to help. 

STM Driven provides bus charters for groups throughout the United States. Our team consists of seasoned travelers and travel agents. We’re also available 24/7 for any questions or concerns, rain or shine. Reach out to us for pricing, amenities, or any other travel questions.

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