Planning for your group’s big trip requires numerous considerations: Who is traveling? When do you need to arrive? Are you making multiple stops? Is there space for equipment? What about the weather? And of course, how much does a charter bus cost?

Thankfully, we’ve got some answers for you so you know exactly what to ask to help you determine the cost of your group’s next adventure!

Group Size: A Factor in Charter Bus Prices

Group travel always necessitates careful consideration of who is traveling. If you’re procuring ground transportation for an athletic team, you will certainly have to factor in the team itself. But, there are coaches, trainers, and staff members that travel with the group, too. Likewise, whatever type of group is traveling, you’ll want to ensure that you have an accurate count so that you charter the right vehicle for your movement.

A typical charter bus carries around 55 passengers, but buses have varying capacity based on the manufacturer and the model. If you have a smaller group, a minibus may be a great option. They typically carry less than 30 passengers but don’t have a restroom for those longer trips.

Charter bus prices are offered in per hour, per day, or even per mile pricing. Partnering with a charter bus consultant can really help to secure pricing that meets your group’s budget. Their expertise will help guide you to the most reliable motorcoach carriers and drivers to ensure your trip is a success!

Going the Distance

Are you booking travel for an athletic team headed to a big game in another state? A musical group traveling to a neighboring city? An executive team attending a conference for the weekend? Wherever you’re traveling, considering where the movement begins, ends, and for how many days is important.

Who’s Driving the Bus?

If you’re planning for a trip that spans more than 10 consecutive hours, you’ll need to hire at least one additional driver. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that drivers take an 8-hour break following 10-hours of service. This will increase the cost of your movement, but it will also ensure that your group is safe.

How Much Does a Charter Bus Cost if There are Travel Fees?

Some adventures take a winding road, across bridges, toll roads, and through busy locales that may require some additional fees. Make sure to ask your charter bus consultant or motor coach carrier how they charge for additional fees, and if those fees are included in the quote. An experienced consultant can also help with contacting the hotel or venue to ask about costs for parking, which may affect your overall charter bus prices.

Weekend Warrior

If you’re traveling on a weekend, holiday, or certain season, charter bus prices will vary. Typically spring to early summer is more expensive, while the winter is less. You may also find different prices for certain days of the week.

The earlier you book, the better deal you’ll receive. If you know you need a charter bus in six months, start pricing out different carriers, or better yet, partner with charter bus consultants who will do the work for you.

Don’t Forget the Driver

Charter bus drivers work hard to provide safe travel, which is why it’s important to factor in gratuity to your overall charter bus budget. A fair tip for a charter bus driver is between 10-20 percent of the overall trip cost. Typically, gratuity is not included in a quote, so you’ll want to prepare for this expense in your budget. A charter bus consultant can also help you determine a fair tip depending on your specific bus travel.

Remember to consider lodging for your driver(s), too! If they’re traveling with your group over consecutive days, they will need adequate lodging that ensures they get good rest. Some hotels offer discounts for drivers if you’re booking a group reservation. A charter bus consultant can make sure to get these questions answered so you have an accurate cost estimate.

Remember, all these questions and budgetary items to consider don’t need to be a burden on you. STM Driven consultants are experts ready to find solutions to all your ground transportation needs. Contact us today to help you secure the most reliable charter bus service in the Nation!

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